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New Patients at Summit Chiropractic and Wellness

When you walk through our door, we greet you with a smile, and make you feel comfortable and cared for. We want our patients to know that this is a safe space for healing.

If possible, we ask that you complete and return our online paperwork prior to your appointment. If unable to do so, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to do at the office. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have and show you around the office.


Dr. Simpson holding spine model

The First Visit

Once Dr. Simpson reviews your forms, he’ll introduce himself and bring you back to an exam room. He spends a few minutes getting to know you and finding out more about who you are, your lifestyle, and what makes you unique.

We take a detailed health history and get more details about the problem that brought you into the office. Dr. Simpson also goes over the informed consent, detailing what chiropractic is and what it might do, and any issues.

Once that’s been signed, he proceeds with the physical examination, including orthopedic and neurological evaluations. Dr. Simpson uses a model of the spine to indicate the problem areas he discovered and what’s going on. He determines the diagnosis, and whether X-rays are necessary.

You get to see the adjusting tables and how they work before the adjustment. Dr. Simpson will answer any questions or concerns you might have. Unless otherwise indicated, you’ll receive your first adjustment at this time.

Then, Dr. Simpson will go over the recommendations for care, discussing what we’ll be doing, how long before you start to see improvement, and how much it will cost. If you decide to move forward with care, you’ll be scheduled accordingly.

Financial Responsibility

The cost of the initial visit is discussed at the time of booking. Once you have received the doctor’s recommendations, we discuss the available options for payment. We are a cash-only practice, and payment is requested at time of service. If you have any insurance questions, please give us a call.

We accept major credit cards and HSA plans. Children’s costs are 50% off adult fees. Please contact our office if you have any questions about payment.

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